Springtime romance contest

Written by: Seren Roberts

Going  out on a date calling around at nine
We are to wrap up warm no high  heels this time

Dressed in  thick sweaters trainers on our feet
We drove to the river a boat was waiting looking sleek

Jumped aboard and off  to go wind in the sails so strong
Heading for an island when everything went wrong

Wind dropped sail  hanging limp nothing we could do 
Looked at each other with smouldering looks, both knew

How we ended up on a bunk not sure that's true
But know when we made love our minds just blew

Spring is in the air so the saying  goes
Know how those rabbits feel with libidos all aglow

Peeping out of the porthole just looked  and stared
The boat had drifted to the island where a hamper had been prepared

Picnicked with a blanket on the ground, had bubbly up my nose
Ate smoked salmon with rye, dozed dreamily rubbing my toes

It has been a lovely day though not quite what we had in mind
Think spring is our  favourite season with summer not far behind.