Peace and Love

Written by: kerry singleton

Life can be a real storm at times can also be real calm too
every day we all go about our daily life connecting to people we know & people we dont,     some people will make you feel great & others will throw there negative energy at you, we are all the same at the end of the day, though most people believe they are higher than the next person, some people are full of hate & anger & want you to feel that way too, if your hurting then there happy! some people are just genuinely nice caring souls, The biggest problem is ''EGO'' it is whats killing our souls, I truly believe no ''ONE'' person is smarter or wiser pretty or ugly skinny or fatter straight or gay! We are all apart of the 1 energy & we are ''NOT'' our bodies or our ''Thoughts'' Enjoy your experience while you are here! Remember every bit of energy you throw out, it comes back in waves, be kind respectful & before you judge the person next to you, ask yourself do I really want a negative response! for that is all your creating! We all experience the same feelings, we all experience suffering 
& loss, lets start experiencing Peace & Love! I can't stress it enough!
We have no right to judge anyone not even ourself.