Wrote for Them Grammer Nazis Out Their

Written by: Elton Camp

Wrote for Them Grammer Nazis Out Their

Bye Elton Camp

These are the principals that should guide you when checking anothers work:

Mistakes in spelling and grammer don’t except.

Alot of people have the allusion they know more then they do.

Always be already to correct any misteaks that you see.

It is all together wrong to let them go unchallenged.

Correct spelling is apart of writing that is essential.

Never give your ascent to ignoring proper grammer.

Every sentence must start with a capitol letter.

Its always best to end a sentence with a period

Site the writer as soon as you sight one on his cite.

Be fair and complement writers who do well.

Its important to give good council to young writers.

Kind correction will illicit the best reaction.

Online writers should expect there work to be criticized when put out they’re.

Acheive good spelling by using the rule "I before E accept after C are when it sounds like A as in nieghbor and wait."