Right Side Down

Written by: David Fisher

There are sayings
That go without saying.
I call them un-sayings.
Do you know what I’m saying?

Like right side down
Or upside up.
Neither fit me;
They’re just slipups.

Neither inside in
Nor outside out,
Are worth the breath
To talk about.

Or over the bottom
I’ve had up to there.
Cliché, I know;
So savoir faire.

There’s fro and to
And forth and back.
I’ve tried them both;
They’re out of whack.

I could go off and off
Or die and let die.
They’re ludicrous
And not worth a try.

There could be new ways
To get things done.
Not the old boring
But novel and fun.

Yet, I’m not ready
To take on that task.
By looking above
You’ll know not to ask.