My renewed bucket list

Written by: Elly Wouterse

holding the steering-wheel after a great day with friends touched by enriched with marvelous memories on the backseat a gift-filled hearted creel approaching a round a bout cheerful music pumped up not too loud the feeling of a sudden collision the sound of clashing cars the vision of crashed cars hardly an impact at first sight surfaces of steel undamaged internal fear and fright for a different side driving back in an unknown body holding on to a steering wheel and a navigation-voice hardly able to stay on track with lost rejoice experts talk and tell car's steel-bars need severe bending doors need wrenching a car almost a total loss experts talk and tell driver's spine and neck need severe bending and wrenching shoulders are dismayed a body damaged but not a total loss chained since the momentum and its echo of the clash a minimized world resonates every single day in an overriding way holding on to a new bucket list minimized by fate's unexpected cruel fist a wheel-clamped driver with a quartered back that ruffles and shuffles a shaken neck with loosened ends no longer a fence nor a defense for this new kind of pain drives me so often insane a short walk more than one little step too much and too far asking instead of doing stay put instead of going my own way forced to take each and every step one at the time fight and wait hardworker's sweat and another date with devil's lawyer until the day all will be fine again when I will defenitively walk with my dog my usual so familiar rounds on those earlier so nearby grounds I still miss so deeply ©Ellie Daphne