Battling Addiction

Written by: Joseph May

 As the midnight moon slowly  traced
its way across the starry sky it graced
The urge for a hit  held him in a  seductive  embrace
As cold sweat dripped from his face
The crack pipe was calling him out of his bed
Unable to resist,  he rose to feed his habit  instead

Addiction tortures the body and mind
Sapping the will and ravaging the soul
Shattering to pieces what was once whole
And leaving  just the shell behind
Family and friends tried  to find
ways to help, and make him see the light
 But the call of the pipe was too hard to resist
His hopes and his dreams went up in the mist

With the help of a higher power he enrolled in a rehab program
He finally realized   that he should  give a dam
And tried to get his life back on track
Before he died of a heart attack
Cocaine, alcohol, ecstasy, crack
Can become the monkey you cant get off your back

It's been three years since he hit the pipe
An addiction that almost destroyed his life
He lost everything, including his wife
He goes to meetings three times a week
If he should relapse  the havoc it would wreak
He now had the power to fight the craves
Either that or end up in a grave

As the midnight moon made its way across the sky
He thanked heaven above that he no longer got high