before the cock crowed

Written by: John Loving III

A man alone is such a small thing
To face a world with hungers
Is not as easy as it seems
His heart and mind are torn between
The Word of God and what he see's
His heart can waver and follow the mind
Fears and worries multiply in time
In the word it says we should fear not
Surrounded by troubles the Word is forgot

A man by day is something else at night
Lust, hunger and greed takes flight
Featherless wings they stretch abroad
Soaring searching without lord
Any kind of hunger can make man steal
"Turn the other cheek" be for real
Maybe in heaven but not in this world
In certain places this make men girls

A man by himself is nothing alone
But a man with faith can stand on his own
Everyman is a failure in his own eyes
Everyfaith a failure till Redeemer finds
No man can do it by himself
A soul like a baby alone needs help
Choose wisely between faith and flesh
No matter what happenes
It's your fate and nothing less

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
Both sides of hunger still killing
While those who should be watching
Still sleep