free cee LIKE A SONG

Written by: jeffry cohan


All of them are unforgettable
Each in her own way
Now I face the regrettable
And what remorselessness has to say

Their names are etched upon my heart
As their faces fade to misty darkness wrought
Fate and the future played well their part
While by callousness was I taught

I shouldn’t have said or done that to her
My soul should have ruled that out
But far too often does a farewell occur
As I left them all drowning in a sea of doubt

Youth calloused my soul as blisters formed
Blisters and boils to suffer I
Outside and within me thunder stormed
And woe to the way I made those poor women cry

I was hardened as selfishness ruled
While tried I to temper that steel might bend
As a woman’s wit with wisdom dueled
Until I caused another unforgettable end
© 2013 copyright PHREEPOETREE.....~free cee!~