Stay With Me

Written by: Ira Dawson

Follow me.
Take my hand and my lead.
Let the sticky, cool night air
Swirl in circles at our feet.
Beg the moon to stay around
Beg the moon for you and me.

Talk to me.
Parting your lips right on beat,
Hiss the s’s, roll the r’s
Let your voice fill the dark, 
The tone dissipating with the wind
Until the silence is complete.

Lie to me.
Tell me all the worn out lines
Like beat up leather,
Bound and gagged. 
Don’t hesitant, don’t break this gaze
Just bask in us tonight.

Pray for me.
Clasp your hands around
My own and hope the heavens
Hear our midnight song,
Like a broken record,
Blasting into the oblivion. 

Stay with me.
Don’t let the listless
Air keep you from caring. 
Rest your forehead 
On my shoulder like a 
Child on their mother.