The Gospel According to Mentor

Written by: Glenn Sentes

Who else in this inhumane edifice can dance while the suspecting eyes stare at his moistened armpit? Pathetically unknowing music uplifts not just the soul but the intellect. Who else got the fire in imparting? or … did theirs even start a single spark since then? Who else brings out the best in these hopefuls? It’s all the worse and worst that they see. And you think San Pedro would be pleased when you gloat you made all the priests, doctors, and engineers? Woe to you who humiliate the chair by your indolent butts while uttering kindergartenous blabbers you claim to be education! Then you get all you want while tabula rasa remains tabula rasa. And you You seated on the higher chairs! Why don’t you trample down awhile and put your cataracting sight to use before it even brings you to the death of light. Has anyone of you even heard what your god told to Pontius Pilate? Ha! The you-have-no-power-over-me’s have always been impervious to you bigots! And you say to your kin let me handle it. When it is delayed and their impatience grows you see they’ll leave. Did you ever fret about deadlines of bills, of matriculas, of debts? What do you feed to your clan? Feeds? Get Ripley’s here! Oh how divine to utter all the Fs! An Entrant into Catie Lindsey's FREE VERSE TIME AGAIN Contest ©February 20, 2013