The Darkness

Written by: T.C. Goodwin

     Oh through adversity we find our way home, feeling safe in the knowledge that we are alone once again, free to feel, to breath, in any manner we choose. But as the blanket of security slowly falls to the floor, we become pulled back into the abyss of our memories. There is no force that can keep our thoughts from returning to yesterday, it bring sorrow and pain to the weary ones that have no will to resist it.
     Oh how the sounds of regrets ring though out eternity as they haunt our every waking moments, the inescapable truth, the feeling of loneliness building to its full tuition. The sorrow rains down upon our feelings of discontent as we slumber about our dreary day avoiding any vision that would remind us of the truth within. We can only wait for the night to descend down, giving us a brief moment when we can escape into the darkness once again, for only the fool has no past to change, and no future to regret.
     Oh what a day it will be when time no longer matters, no past, no future to remind us of the pain we have inside, it will be gone forever. Only fear stands in our way from this beautiful release, only the future can save us from what was. Now is not the time for regrets, the past is fading from view, We see the darkness coming an unwelcome friend, but none the less one that will release us from the bounds of this torture, from the pain of our past, an end to the sorrow of life, an end to the pain of regret.