Written by: barbara stump

just the thought of you leaves me breathless
to a whisper at night
I lay here waiting for the sight of your car lights
wondering will you approach my bedside
and come beside me to lay
breathless, so restless, come without delay

I hear a car approaching and I run to the window to see
is it you my darling, coming this night to me
I am breathless, to a whisper, bearly unable to speak
looking, hoping behind curtains
While I am standing behind taking a peak

My heart is beating faster for I feel someone behind me
I knew I heard a cae door, but nobody was seen
But I feel a movement like, wonderful  warmth down my neck,
as he starts to caress me
as we both now are breathless,so breathless,for
this kiss seems like eternity as....our breath passes between
which leaves me...