Written by: jeffry cohan


Upon a road of crooked adventure ventured I
With my words flowing from the forest to the naked plain
Two statesmen and one stately lady censured I
Claiming, perhaps correctly, that I was inane 

Upon a street that wound around a town I wound 
I had little in my pockets and even less of a chance
Ties had me bound while unaware to where I was bound
Tied to tumult and shackled to a circuitous circumstance

I chose to meander down a meandering lane
While my muscles made their misery very well known
Too many people claimed I complained about a malingering pain
But my aches were actual down to the very last bone

On a rambling road I rambled down a wretched road
While describing in detail my detrimental disdain
No one carried me but I carried a heavy load
While those people maintained  that I must be insane

I was strolling down some high rolling hills
Whereupon three strangers accused me of commanding them toward crime
I forced no one to do anything since I believe that cajoling kills
Besides the fact that I had neither the inclination nor the time

These people made their pertinent predictions perfectly plain
I didn’t ask them nor did I need to know why
They vowed I’d grow more insane from years of the pretense of pain
But they’re all very wrong since I have only one year till I die
                                © 2013 copyright PHREEPOETREE… cee!~