In her heart and in her mind

Written by: Caryn King

She walked on.  She let herself go where her legs carried her.  Her dress billowed around her feet.  She walked on down the dusty lane, feet touched the ground, mind deep in thought.  People peeked out of their windows at this beautiful girl, her eyes focused straight ahead.   No goal in sight.  No destination in mind.  People stared at her, then in the distance, deciding for themselves where it was she was going with such a dedicated stride.  People assumed, guessed, made up tales that suited their own reasons.  Turned her into the person they wanted her to be.  She walked on.  She either ignored, or didnt see the people, who continued to peek out thier windows as she went on down the lane.  Her face a blank slate.  Yet her heart so full it could burst and her mind so busy it threatened to turn itself into a tangled mess of words and thoughts.  She continued on.  Only she knew where she was going.  Where she wanted to be.  What she was doing.  And where she would stop.