Written by: Madelin Barton

Where does anyone find
the strength to abate the
repercussions of self hate

How to discard of the 
garbage we hoard, 
archive or crate ..

Continual sleepless nights 
the demons with in us we
try to fight with eyelids so 
heavy and full of fright.. 
Eyes stay open weighing heavier
with hurt of existence broken
of all left unspoken.
What to do with the fear 
when it slowly eats at your
insides like cancer 
why do these questions still 
remain unanswered
how to find comfort in the many
cages of the unquiet mind

how to keep silent when
the heart screams out loud 
how to rise above the darkest 

Everyday conscious of 
just one thing to whom 
can anyone like this joy bring..

fights and discord met us at
the door are we the real victims or
are we the core.

Misery is knowing the solution
is to go numb or a mouthful of 
mind altering drugs...
don't deal just medicate
when thoughts are not clear
try altering it's state.

Do we choose to disappear 
or better yet to kill the parts in 
us  that suffer or do we continue
unscathed ignoring the desperate
pleas of our brother.

Things we are forced to hide
is what eventually traps us 
inside; or is it shame, guilt,
or the lost of self pride....

Everyday we beat our 
heads against the rock hoping 
only to cease the pain and the
constant ticking of the broken clock...