Beauty in Brokenness

Written by: Jade Celeste

I see the beauty in your brokenness
The brilliance in your sad eyes
The exuberant smile tugging at your lips
The passion that escapes in your touch
The softness of your harsh words
The tenderness of your anger

I’m not afraid by your brokenness
For I am broken too
In different ways
In different places
Perhaps less obvious
But broken nevertheless

I welcome your brokenness
For I know, it makes you need me
It makes you want me to bind you together
In a strong and shielding embrace…
A restraining embrace that holds the brokenness together
Not letting even one piece fall
Not letting one piece crash

You ask me how?
How can I love a broken vessel?
I can’t believe you don’t know the answer!
Look at your reflection in my eyes
Do you see any brokenness there?
Look…you are beautiful, my love, my life
In my eyes…there, there is the truth
For I don’t see as others see
My eyes see what lies inside this broken vessel…
A heart that’s pure and devoted
A spirit that was born to soar
A soul that sanctifies 
And mind that invigorates

I see…I see it all
It doesn’t matter what the world sees
I only see beauty
Because you are mine
You are MINE!
Your brokenness allures me
Come, my love
Let us fuse our broken parts together
And make each other whole!

Eileen Manassian Ghali