Song about an Angel and a Poet life as it is truly

Written by: Skyler Dawn

Once I heard a song about an angel and a poet
Quarreling over something a little less than perfect

A man sits at the bar, trying to forget
A girl on the street looking to get payed
A little boy in the corner cold and pale
Life isn't always beautiful to all

Lies fill the air with empty promises made
Disappointment and broken dreams 
Frowns on old aged faces as days keep going by getting them no where
People keep on moving some slower than others

Days pass, time flies
Who do you want to be with when it's all over?
The people I've known, the lives I've seen
I've seen a lot of things, been a lot of places

Had many a dream, and many a heart break
I've known honest people do dishonest things
I've known liars keep their promises
I've known theives give what they can

I've seen a smiling face stab true friends in the back...
A wearisome stranger save a childs life
A good christian girl sleep around
A misunderstood inked skin girl a virgin

Things aren't always as they seem
Sometimes things are exactly as we don't expect

Don't be so quick to think for a second,
You can ever understand
Because until you've walked their shoes
You just can't

And don't be so quick to judge your brother,
Because the truth of the matter is
You don't know til you're there how you'd do
What had to be done for your kids