What does she think

Written by: Jimmi Canada

Who knows what she thinks?

With a carryon in the bong,
We can all feel a fawn,
An Elf or even a lawn

Choreographing the Kong...
Won-toning the Chong...

We can all get along

But with a wrong, we can’t re-write the-
With a face we can’t despite ya

In an Ace there is a heightened –ah?
Like colored lace
It’s a mighty puck

Were it goes is the fight in ya

With the case of the buyers luck
The liers struck
The mired guck

Why must they fire at all of ya?
If I’m inspired, I’d hire ya
Rewire ta-
Bake a higher ****

Get by or duck
Ha, Ha Ha

Ever seen god tired?
He’d leave ya admired

Don’t forget it’s the Bean stock-
That makes a flock

Don’t forget it’s a shame to spot
With your fingers, fibers or even your hot,

Why with-stand when tomorrow is starin’ at ya?

Its gods hand that is in the pocket lock 
Sheep talk...
Or even reed walk

Hate it in a state of fleeing-
Strumming or heating

Blind or not the eye’s are what’s feaning

Weed offers a bleeding
...Common ground loud at the feeding!

Common common man get down
That frown isn’t appealing… 

Get yourself a crowd and put a sheet on the bleeding!