Written by: jeffry cohan


I to suffer such insufferable grief
I to suffer being a thief
I to veer from this avenue
I to steer from this street
I to find the fork and foe
I to find a road where roses grow
Where wearing white means pristine scenes
And blue means supple breezes that blew
I to tread intrepidly upon tremulous trails
I to be all that being entails
All the industrious endeavors and goals
By all us wondering and wandering souls
I to discover and uncover facts finally found
I to discover to where I am bound
I to be granted far greater ground
Midst the sound of seagulls on sand so sublime
Where a backdrop of beauty bides its time
I to cull myself from this cul-de-sac of crime
Shackled by shameless and desperate desire
pitifully progressing from the dire to a fire
Cuffed to a rough exterior displayed

Undaunted, uncouth, and unabashedly unafraid

I to find the end of my load
I to find a bend in the road
I to travel where angels abound
I to go where buds of dreams grow from the ground
I to exist where astronomy will ever astound
I to soak sublimely in that seagull’s sound
I to live where equality and tranquility abound 
Oh, if only my years of depravity could be retroactively rewound
                                    © 2013  copyright PHREEPOETREE…..~free cee!~