I’m that freak with bespectacled bug eyes,
The loner in the corner who silently cries.
I’m that freak that gets all the hassles,
The one that’s always buys new glasses.

I’m that freak the bullies pick on most,
The loner, who tries to dissolve like a ghost.
I’m that freak that plots your demise,
The one, with hatred in his eyes.

I’m that freak, who wants YOU out of his world,
The loner with clenched fists perpetually curled.
I’m that freak with the cold illogical brain
The one that harbors resentment's stain.

I’m that freak, who cares little for his own life,
The loner, who bartered a soul to end his strife.
I’m that freak, who brings a gun to school,
Executing bullies who were so cruel.