Written by: Jimmi Canada

Somewhere under the clouds I found love

Shakin’ it up
I made a steam puff,

Makin’ it up
 I was a dream of…

Holdin’ the sun,
I was a steak for lunch

Drummin’ it up
I made the lead for us

Hey yeah!
I wanna meet your trust

Hey yeah!
Lets get along
-On and off the bus

Lets earn their trust
And make amends with what we don’t love

And conquer a nut, a bolt or even the fuss

Its time to cuss, break at the wake

Swim in the lake!

React to the fake's! 

Focus on the birthday cake

Find out if it decorate's?

Or if it retaliates...

Literally, like a really long day

Not a really long life, that is too far for me to go away!

Jumpin' G hootz I am gay!

I love even those ways!

I come up with plays,
and rewrite them over and over again!

Pray for a stormy day
So I can get on with my ...