Written by: Kim van Breda


I am happy to be alive—or am I?
I embrace each new morning… or do I?
I take in the sun, sky, moon and stars and find myself in awe of their Maker~
Genuinely-- or a contemplated bargaining conjecture?
To take a simple day and turn it into one of memorable happiness, pleasure and contentment, satisfaction, joy and wellbeing is an unambiguous choice of vindication.

It happens in that honest  moment in time that we have as we uncover our veils of the unconscious protection of dreams and enter into the conscious realms of the reality of a new morning~ the dawning of new opportunities, and lessons of character to be learnt.

Some days the choice of entering the waking hour is tolerable—others completely formidable.
It boils down to consciously making the simple choice of pulling the duvet back and placing your feet firmly on the ground.

The decision for happiness is to try and see outside ourselves~
To understand the tides, and excuse our highs.

To be up close, yet distant~
To see the sky, the sea, the ocean, the moon… all blue
But the colour of Happiness is ambivalent-equivocal and enigmatic.

Happiness is a resolution and at the same time-- a conclusion.