Written by: Maria Cecilia San Juan

Wandering thoughts while half asleep
Waiting for ghosts that come back  to creep
In my mind, while squirming in bed
Woke up and shuffled , bury my face deep

Dishonesty haunts my spirit in slumber
Inches from face putting me asunder
With every breath, he lies there awake
Dancing  with the wind, surrounding my breadth

Throbbing heart that skips so fast
Bile piling up, counting, keeping a mark,
Fingers clutching hair, while toes are numb
With soul so tired, groping, resigned

Reckoning, fleeing from truth,
Squinting, moving,  crying in shrill  voice,
Though in quandary, deciding to move on,
To settle the confusion without affectation

Pallor sweeping countenance with fear
Head bowed down before a  council in circle
Waiting for judgement, becalmed by quiet,
Of liberating step, I dared to take.