Written by: Kim van Breda


Mixed hues of green and blue- Peace, calm a tranquil view
Retiring from the world at times- a temporary loner paradigm
Refreshing compassion, aquamarine cool—swimming serenity found in the pool
Teal feminine sophistication—intelligent whims of imagination

Open communication between heart and soul—spoken words are seldom whole
An independent and spiritual grounding—Caribbean healing often binding
Tranquillity, beautiful shades of serenity—crucial escape from noise and stupidity
Sequential self-sufficiency necessitated – realms of reality obliterated

Surfing the tides of modern humanity—breakers surging our living profanity
Rushing neglected creative domains—prevailing insanity inescapably remains
Our poise and intuitive shade turquoise—we need to shut down on intolerable noise
Flood out the deluge of untamed insanity—restoring cerulean peace replacing our vanity