Sweet Loving

Written by: Julie Alcin

Lips as soft as cotton
As it presses on my neck
Sending chills to every hormone
As my mind screams “What the heck”

Hands as curious as Alice
Adventuring through a new world
Making me melt and tingle
Letting me feel like I’m your only girl

Body as magnificent as a god
Holding me tight caressing me right
As you fill me up with sensations
Lasting throughout the night

Kiss me, touch me and love me
Don’t ever let me go
This perfect night is alarming
Oh how I love you so

Loving this sexual tension
Burning deep in my soul
You really know what you’re doing
You know how to play your role

Words as sweet as honey
Makes my face turn red
Don’t you ever stop talking
Loving you in bed

Our hearts are combined as our bodies
Our bodies as hot as fire
Hoping this is never ending
You are my only desire