Burning Embers

Written by: Mehnaz Veetil

I close my eyes
Feel my heart on fire,
coal set scorching in subterranean mine. 

Now, must I pluck out
this fire burning , siphon this out
these drooling embers?

I am not to be blamed. Please,
I didn't start it, I only kept it ablaze,
with that tiny spark you blew in. 

I love these golden flecks
they hold me in  a fiery fantasy, a fairy
with wings of love and a sparkling magic wand. 

Look, can't you see,
our dark silhouettes an entwined beauty
drenched in the heat of unguarded love ..

I am the moth
drawn to your passion's flame
dancing wild as tomorrow never comes.

Protect me, from your fire,
this golden trance I love so dear, 
to dust may I burn
in embers you feed my heart! 
Happily so...,what if tomorrow never comes?

For Gail 's Burning Embers contest...