Always and Forever

Written by: Miranda Bell

You found me
wrapped in the arms of someone undeserving.
Swallowed up with self-hatred
and throwing standards to the wind.

I found you
in the bottom of the bottle of honey wine
on a chilled Samhain night,
pouring my soul into your ear with reckless abandon.

You lost me
from fear and a wave of emotion you couldn't understand,
so you ran away with the swiftness of the wind,
leaving me lost that cold December night.

I lost you.
Threw myself to the wind you flew away on
and wrapped myself in the frozen tear drops.
Promised I would never look back.

We found us
on the day you said goodbye for good.
You threatened to run for the last time,
and I caught you in my spider web.

You found me.
I found you.
Now we're lost together
in Always and Forever.