Tell me you love me too

Written by: Nikeisha Malone

I tried to write a poem for you today
But I didn’t know what to say…
	Or write? Or scribble? Or jot down in rhyme? 
I’ll try again tomorrow, maybe
	If I can find a moment…or the time
I’ll try to write a love story, or maybe a love history
Whichever is more appropriate….or easy
I’ll say I love you and I miss you very much
And that I haven’t forgotten your kiss and smell
 	And feel, and taste, and touch
I’ll say you’re in my dreams every night
And in the morning, you are my light
	And that I hate to tell you goodbye
 That every time you walk away
 I think I just might die
              I’ll say you healed a broken heart
And conjured up a beat were none would start
I’ll say that you are passion and fire
	And romance and adventure
And lust, and hunger, and desire
I’ll say you’re everything to me
	And without you, I wouldn’t be
That you are gasoline, I am the spark
And together we are a blaze
             That consumes the very dark
I’ll say that for me there is no other
And that there is no need to look further 
	Because the one made for me is you
That together we are perfection
Now tell me you love me, too.