Dungeon of Dreams

Written by: laszlo kecsedi

Master and lord of his lands and his castle
He was graciously greeted wherever he`d travel
A man they thought they very well knew
But secrets he had more than just a few

His ordinary self blends in with others
A second look to take no one really bothers
But below the smiles secrets are hidden
His mind’s with a strange affliction smitten

Dark chambers, rooms lie beneath the surface
He built them with a specific, sinister purpose:
To hide prisoners from seeing the light of day,
To deny them life, and there`s more to say:

The prisoners were his blood, his own brood
For high society deemed to be too crude
Wild, untamed, and to their nature so true
From the public eye thus they withdrew

Their master, brother and father lives up above
Divided against himself, his life`s devoid of love
An empty shell, a painted vase, a facade he shows
Without his shadowy parts that`s all he is, he knows

So at night he visits the chambers by candlelight
And observes his dungeon of dreams with a clear sight
What power and sincerity, what elemental life-force
In a pretentious world how impossible to endorse