Woodchuck Band

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

I fell down a Gopher hole
Slid up too a strange new land
Popping out the Gopher hole
I witnessed a woodchuck band

Together they were singing
About howling at the moon
The wolves just sat their laughing
As the woodchucks sang off tune

A surrounding like Woodstock
Made up of cuddley friends
All of them getting along
For real and not just pretend

A frog passes me a drink
Poured from a bottle of wine
His name is Jedda Dia
He is now a friend of mine

We party all through the night
Exhausted I fall asleep
I wake up in the morning
Greeted by a talking sheep

"Here is a cup of potion"
" drink it and you can go back"
"this is not a place for you"
" by day the kittens attack"

I admit I was confused
Yet I did wish to go home
So I drank down the potion
Then my mouth started to foam

As my head began spinning 
I thought I was going to choke
As I looked all around me
This strange new land turned to smoke

The very next thing I knew
I was back in my own land
Some of you think I'm crazy
I still remember the band

Traveling through the forest
Just be careful where you walk
You may slide up a gopher hole
And witness animals who talk