How Well Have I Been Judged By Fate And Time

Written by: Mustapha Mosi Gomina

How well have I been 
judged by Fate and Time
I dare not say to praise 
engrossing grey
Wherefore I'm lent to 
weariness in prime
The years of rested 
dreams, myself decay.

A pile of bones replaces 
youth's vigour
O'er woes upon regrets 
of parting-meet
Memoirs of days behind, 
the years devour
And grind in tend'r-less 
soft'ning, bit to bit.

What shall remain o'er 
couple years ahead
I dare not consider, 
deflower or think
Lest grief unto my heart 
is spun and spread
And fast into infinity, I 

I shall return to tell my 
ev'ning years
If infinity, Fate or Time