Is There A Place

Written by: Mustapha Mosi Gomina

Is there a home beyond 
this market place
Is there a fort beneath 
these 'Westing' seas
Is there a time when man 
shall bask in grace
Is there a time for flow'r-
o'erflow appease.

I speak in tongues as 
wisdom ploughs no way
But tread confused, the 
breath of yonder men
I speak in tongues for 
cheerfulness to stay
But tread confused and 
seek comforting den.

Is there a place where 
screams are heard and 
I ask the lurking crowds 
of sunder waves
Perhaps a citadel on 
Heaven's belt
Beyond the reach of grief 
and lusts of graves.

Conclusion stands a curse 
and silence, worse
Is there a place of mirth 
and mild discourse?