The Princess and the Frog

Written by: Kim Merryman

Once upon a time and place,
There lived a princess fair of face.
She was searching for a prince to wed,
One of noble character bred.
Many a fine tear she had shed,
When each prince came up lacking.

One day as she went for a stroll,
She came upon a grassy knoll, 
Beside a quiet pond, and saw a fallen log.
She sat down and began to weep,
Her sorrow running oh so deep,
At failing to find a noble prince to share her life.

"Princess fair, why do you weep?"
Asked a voice so rich and deep.
Surprised the princess looked around,
And spied a frog upon the ground.
"Good frog, did you speak to me?"
The frog replied, "I did indeed."

"A princess so fair as you,
Should never have to feel so blue.
Please tell me what your trouble is,
Perhaps I can be of help to you."
"I've been searching for a prince to wed,
One of noble character bred, but all have
    been sadly lacking."

The frog hopped from the ground to log,
And said, "Princess, what I have to say will be a shock.
You see, I'm not really just a lowly frog.
I was once a handsome prince of noble character bred,
Until a hateful witch I tried to vanquish,
Put a curse on me instead."

"The curse is that a frog I'll always be,
Only a maiden's kiss will set me free.
So if you're willing to place a kiss,
Upon my ugly froggy lips,
A prince again will I then be,
And both our dreams will become reality."

The princess hesitated just a bit.
His tale sounded so far fetched.
But then again, frogs didn't talk,
And this one could, so she didn't balk.
She bent down, closed her eyes and kissed him.
In a flash a handsome prince appeared,
  finally freed from frog's disguise.

No longer did this princess sing the blues,
She'd found her prince and at the news,
All the kingdom celebrated.
Everyone was so elated.
The prince and princess soon were wed,
And together they raised chilldren of noble
   character bred.

Entered in PD's Smile contest.