Valentine's Day

Written by: ilene bauer

Chocolate, flowers, cards with hearts,
And the message each imparts:
“You’re a person I adore;
Who could ask for something more?”

Tell us that today’s the day 
We must have something nice to say
To husbands, daughters, sons, and wives:
We’re grateful that you’re in our lives.

Even though I see your flaws,
I accept them all, because
All your plusses far outweigh
The foolish things you sometimes say.

The little habits that annoy
Do not mean that I don’t enjoy
The many ways you are so sweet;
You really make my life complete.

I’m sure you have your own long list
Of things I do that make you pissed,
But underneath the love is strong;
That’s why our union’s lasted long.

So on this day of sentiment,
I think of years that came and went
And I am thrilled you still are mine,
And hope you’ll be my valentine.

For PD's Valentine's Day poem contest