Written by: Clementine Kganyago

and then they looked to the sea
with eyes floating the currents above

to look beyond the sea, they thought
to look beneath the sea, they wondered

'not too far', they cried out
'not too deep', they said

'let the waters comfort in the strength of tides
as we listen from far away'. still and quiet
in his response:

'i have but yet another night
to row the sediments discarded into the sea
another night is this
where i learn the thoughts of the ocean. and
this night is different
this night is different
a man dissolving
to his final destination
of bodies apart, floating weightless'

the story when the night became different
a man laid out by the sea. let alone
the sky cannot forget
a hymn to the sea
a hymn from the sea. that night was different
that man was different,

parted to the heavens
the stars became his eyes
close enough to see 
how he met himself 
at the bottom of the ocean.