Written by: wayland bunch

Someone tells you change not because you are not good
But because you do not act the way they think you should

Neither is it because they don’t think you’re not bad
It is just a reaction when they are either mad or sad

A special person in your life ask you to make some change
However uniqueness allows someone to remain the same

You are special, in your own right, just the way you are
Singing out of tune and rhythm while driving in your car 

Change however may not be bad in the pursuit of perfection
Sadly that journey isn’t easy and takes much introspection

What are the things you desire, and where do you want to be
Will these things make you truly happy, or only temporarily

Are these things that you can’t live without in the long run
Or temptations of the flesh, that only provide a quick fun

One asks, what does it matter only the test of time will tell
Should I place a Pascal wager to avoid what they call hell

The very thought of that seems a vain attempt at very best
However when the time comes will I did my very own test

Change, Aristotle, said was the only thing that doesn’t change
Clever word circles like these though do very little to explain

Indeed his idea was much more complex than I’ve stated
But, then again most people would say that he’s outdated 

To change definitely one of the most difficult things to do
It something that you must really desire, this much is true

By Wayland Bunch 2/14/2013