Heart Folds

Written by: Odin Roark

Heart Folds

Beginning so small
this mound of tissue
time's perpetual resuscitation
life's bellows for passion
protection's engine of flow

So simple its form
this muscle of pulsation
innocent of harm's way
liquid breathing of body's dependence
wanting only to maintain tomorrow's awakening

Sentries stand guard
immunity's breach driven back
poisons held at bay
health and longevity made secure

So flickers this flame of flesh
resisting winds that might extinguish spark
designed impervious for decades to come
until the kiss

Fold one

Intrusion of passion
begs emancipation of opened heart
as anguish of unrealized pleasure
withholds consent

Rhythms explode
prying open the chambers of mind
exposing the unknown magic
inner eye bliss
bends arch back on themselves

Fold two

More kisses
pausing ventricles to stop
breath taken away
glimpses of forever


Folds become pleated
become a chaos of creases

Wrinkles constrict passion's meadow of bliss
tributaries of spirit become dry beds of fossil remains

Will reason ever concede
to love's unspoken treatise
heart's hidden secret of survival


Forever remain but love's monitor
life's data bank of questions without answers?

How precious the newborn heart

How precarious its journey