Love Another Day

Written by: Bobby NeSmith

His peerless eyes begin to wander,
Reaching out with azure flare,
Seeking out a long-lost feeling,
Delving deep into his soul.

His lips can taste the sweet surrender
Of love once felt.
The pain of loss
Meanders through his reeling mind.

A heart of gold, though scarred by life,
Beats softly ‘neath a burdened breast,
Encased by brick and mortar,
strongly guarded from the world.

Thump-thump. Thump-thump.
The rhythm of his heartbeat
Sounds a cadence for his thoughts,
Marching regally across the lines
of battle scars from ages past.

Supposed love has left him damaged,
a man with no desire to feel.
The numbness has become a shelter,
A haven for his weary heart.

The sun sets, the moon rises;
Night falls on a restless mind.
Two worlds entangled, emerge as one,
As day breaks and the soul awakens.

His pensive gaze begins to focus,
Seeing now what once was lost.
The ice around his heart is melting,
Making way for forgotten love.

A broken heart now beats again.
A weary soul now longs to feel.
A guarded man now seeks to know
the truest love that knows no bounds.

Thump-thump. Thump-thump.
With each pulsation comes the fear
Of being hurt again.
A prudent man, made so by hurt,
Keeps distance from the lure of lust.

Though deep inside, he wants to love,
His heart remains reserved.
A jaded man, a soul distressed,
He lives to love… another day.