A Tricky Little Riddle

Written by: Jack Ellison

Okay guys, here's a tricky little riddle Name the states with only four letters? Careful now, it's a tricky one Don't want to ruffle any feathers! The real obvious ones are as follows... There's Ohio, Iowa, and Utah Believe me, there's actually seven more I'll bet you think it's a flaw! Trust me there's actually seven others Don't you look at the bottom notes Till you've given it your very best shot No one's going to call you a dope! © Jack Ellison 2013 (Scroll down) Here's the other seven Alabama – a,l,b,m Mississippi – m,i,s,p Kansas – k,a,n,s Hawaii – h,a,w,i Indiana – i,n,d,a Tennessee – t,e,n,s Alaska – a,l,s,k I told you it was tricky!!!