Babies In 2050

Written by: Jack Ellison

How long before I can drive a car? You always say I'm much too young So what if I can't actually feed myself And you still have to change my bum Times are a-changing dear sweet mother The new age of majority is two Us guys have brains like soccer balls And the balls to try something new I know my size might be a problem But with all the new gadgets that exist As long as my young brain is functional I can still do most things on the list Like keeping track of my finances Making sure I've got enough to retire As I reach the age of two hundred and ten With enough till the day I expire I know it's difficult for you to grasp And I realize to you this is new But so many advances have taken place Us wee folks can live longer than you So next time you look at us grandkids And feel sorry we missed what you had Each new generation has it's own advances A product of our time, good or bad © Jack Ellison 2013