To My Valentine II

Written by: Toheeb Tiamiyu

I love you my love
You are an invaluable treasure,
I cherish those times
Which we spent together.
Even when you never called to say hi,
I still heard you
Whispering to my heart;
I love you.

I seek to be your teardrops,
To be born in your eyes,
To live my life on your cheeks
And die on your lips.
For you are the water in my ocean,
The pupil in my eyes,
You are the beating in my heart.

Your saliva when we kiss,
Cleanse me of all diseases,
Even better than Yoyo bitters
My bill for this cleansing
I can never balance
Yet you have cured me again
From loneliness and pain.

How should I repay you?
Send you flowers and balloons,
With a lovely card and teddy?
No, that's less deserving
Of an angel adored by angels.
How do I repay this love?
I couldn't think of any other way.
But I have only one pledge,
...I'll be with you forever,
My valentine.