Love is More- Valentine Day Limerick

Written by: Jade Celeste

They say love comes in a gush
I don’t believe all that mush
Not just a feeling…
Love is believing
There’s more to it than a rush

Your loved one gives you goose bumps
You see curves instead of lumps
Your heart palpitates
And sex satiates
Your life is coming up trumps!

But Love’s a decision too
When feelings get old not new
You think of your vow
Fulfill it somehow
And resolve to stick like glue

So when there are angry darts
Or when there are broken hearts
You think of that glow
You give love a go
And all the sorrow departs

Today is Valentine’s Day
Tease and please…now don’t delay
Revive that hot spark
Make love in the dark
Love’s the sweetest game to play.

Eileen Manassian Ghali