Pill Of Life

Written by: Adarsh Raj

Forcing me to hallucinate an unrealistic fate,
This life of mine does make me play,games I love to hate.
Die I may if I don't play,and sit with tears in eyes,
win,I do, to see the day at the cost of others' cries.
Some may win and some may lose, like gluttons we eat through dreams,
to do what he wants to,a rich may chose,the rest ignored downstream's.
Never can we pursue our likes,our dislikes we may follow 
what we want to be,we don't,and life just makes us hollow.
empty within with dreams all drained,in the kitchen of a fantasy butcher,
posing as reality of life,forcing us to usher.
why my dreams are censored and cut,and mould to other's needs,
to do what I want and be what I be, these thoughts all plucked like weeds.
If Pill of Life be a personified lady, I would beg "O Miss,
take me from dream butchers to a land of eternal bliss."

Contest name - PILL OF LIFE
date-16th Feb,2013. Saturday.