The Wind Is Calling

Written by: Debbie Duncan

The wind is calling  to me again.
It comes from the sea over the mountains. 
It seems to be calling out my name. 
Come to me in the darkness of the night.

As I watch the day pass ever so slowly.
I will be going to where it's calling out to me.
Going to where the mountains meet the sea.
To where there is no one but me.
To where the tide never stops. 
As the moon guides me along my way.
To where the shadows cross the sea.

Just to see what I will find.
I'm going to the rocks by the sea.
To where the wind is taking me.
By the moonlight of the darkness 
of the night. 

I wrote this way back in 1972- 73,,,, Andrea Dietrich,, said I should post the old one's back when I first started keeping track. So here's one of them.