Glow for My Gloom

Written by: Adeleke Adeite

You are my soothing 
when all I had was pouring 
your radiant rays make my 
face so fine,
you give me sweet smile in 
my pains.

I feel at home when in your 
warm arms,
my coldness flee at the 
sight of your rays,
you give my petals 
changeless charms,
your brightness kills my 
thought of gray.

Feelings so true, It is not 
love at first sight,
my heart has met you 
somewhere... before
I wish I can have you just 
one night,
to feel your heat of love 
once more.

You catch my fears in your 
waiting hands,
in the midst of your 
sparkles I gently sit;
you stir my stumbling soul 
to stand
whenever I am threatened 
to quit.

I often get lost in the 
darkness of the night,
and shadows shield my 
flower's bloom;
you come at dawn and 
shed your light,
giving me graceful glow for 
my gloom.