Never Ending Circle

Written by: Annalise Brigham

Upon the icy back of winter she rides unnoticed, like your shadow  in midday sunlight
She bides her time while secretly infusing warmth into the frozen earth below. Like a Nursemaid she feeds and nurture off springs.  Shhh...hear the stirrings of the new growth awakening!

the warm earth parts 
for the tulips's first leaf -- 
gentle rain 

Quietly, gentle rain and warm sunrays twinning, absorb, sustain and enhance life.  Soft mist is disperse in midair, cascading gently, they land like crystal dew drops on lush green grass. Soon, the rabbit and hare in search of food and water will run through these fields assured that the never ending circle of life will continue.   

young ones thirsting
Sip soft crystal dew drops--
Blooming smiles