Written by: Patricia Lewis

V alentine's Day origin is               
A ncient Romans 
L upercalia Feast
E mperor Claudis II executed 2 
men both name Valentine
N ormans celebrated Galatin's 
Day- lover of women
T radition that the masses 
adapted into their beliefs
I s now a big business
Nevertheless love should be 
Everyday not just on Feb 14th
Shakespeare wrote about 
Valentines Day in a glamorized 
way but didn't really 
acknowledge the origin of this 
NOTE: To whomever reads this 
poem I'm not against sharing 
love but what I'm against is the 
masses choosing to pick one 
day to buy gifts for this 
particular day for that special 
someone. When there is 364 
other days to celebrate their 
love with that special someone.
MY QUESTION to you would 
So why do you chose to use 
one day to give gifts to express 
your love?