Anxiety Attack

Written by: Mary Chapman

I face each day in a wonderful way
With the light from the sun when it’s shinning 
As I start to address the day ahead 
I dismiss all thoughts of impending desires

I think to myself, on this very day
 My thoughts will not lead me astray 
I do so believe that I want it to be 
A day just like the rest

 As the sun sets in the west,
 The evening approches 
I know I must face the impending desires
Before I can finally rest

So I lay in my bed with the thoughts in my head
Unable to sleep I sit up and can’t breathe
Then comes the sweat and drenched I undress
I still think of impending desires

With this thought in my mind 
Will I make it in time 

When I think it’s the end 
I let go and pretend
The morning is near 
I let go of my fear and all impending desires