Romance with an image

Written by: manek kohli

Love aviated in him, so subtly,
but felt nothing less than a knife,
that had encroached upon him so balefully,
but he hadn’t felt so peaceful in life.

Every time he closed his illuminated eyes,
he disembarked in the alternate universe,
where the fire of hell had been extinguished long back,
where heaven was hallucinating on earth.

He felt her aroma everywhere he roamed,
it was a timid quaint feeling of hope,
a feeling that had resurfaced in him since he had found,
in this love, peace and sound.

He visualized her in not-so quintessential ways,
she had a soul brighter than sun and its rays.
she breathes flowers, very sublime,
had the aura of a million saints, all very fine.

She spoke, broadminded about how she conquered,
the kingdom of his heart, in the empire of his soul,
she spoke of how she set flight like a bird,
brushed away his darkness, filled all his holes.

Now she wants a body, not the depths of his heart,
so one day she and him will have to part,
till then he will continue to embrace her this way,
fill in his desire for love, for peace and gay.