Mr Reginald Stinky

Written by: Jack Ellison

There's a little old elf in our bathroom His name is Mr. Reginald Stinky He's a very sweet accommodating soul When you need T.P. for your winky He stands there patiently holding his nose Sometimes the smell gets atrocious Especially when the little kiddies need to go They get messy and quite malodorous It's a service Mr. Reginald Stinky provides For the betterment of the environment 'Cause the T.P. he issues is chemical free It's the latest government requirement So three cheers for Mr. Reginald Stinky A hero we should salute and admire For providing T.P. and enriching the world As you leave the bathroom inspired © Jack Ellison 2013 Mr. Stinky is a ceramic elf patiently doling out toilet paper for us in our hour of need!